Google Pixel OFFICIAL Android 8.0 OREO vs Galaxy S8 – Speed Test! (4K)


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Google PIxel XL official Android 8.0 Oreo takes on Galaxy S8 in a speed test battle.

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48 thoughts on “Google Pixel OFFICIAL Android 8.0 OREO vs Galaxy S8 – Speed Test! (4K)

  1. Fucking Samsung … made a phone so beauty with shitty software. Its like they put a peace of shit on clear android and put it intro samsung s8. And fuck your bixby dear Samsung … FUCK IT, NOBODY USE IT.

  2. Hold on, what resolution did you have the s8 on? If it was at 1440p then that causes the phone to lag a bit. Otherwise operating at 1080p would improve performance and bring their specs to parity.

  3. are you kidding me? that is how you compare the speed??? what a joke.. pixel much faster? look at the UI of pixel looks like a phone from the 70s and the icon so flat, not graphical like samsung. Compare pixel to china phones who does have the same look and interface. Non sense comaprison…

  4. If Samsung ever cared for her software, NOTHING could stop her.. 🙁

    p.s after all she is basically selling hardware..How is she gonna sell the next model if software works like a charm…

  5. If u forgot Android O not give permission to run apps background freely. So, there will performance issue because nougat is already loaded many apps and process than Oreo. So, there will a difference

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