Google Play Protect: Keeping your Android device and data secure


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Google Play Protect — Google’s comprehensive security services for Android, providing powerful new protections and greater visibility into your device security. Play Protect is built into every device with Google Play, is always updating, and automatically takes action to keep your data and device safe, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

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38 thoughts on “Google Play Protect: Keeping your Android device and data secure

  1. Android i do not like google play protect. Malwarebytes lab had found viruses in play store and don't know play protect detected no viruses and antivirus app like malwarebytes and AVG antivirus is found viruses and you need stop google play protect on play store

  2. Android needs to offer something similar to iCloud lock.
    It's the only IOS feature that has kept me from going back to Android.
    I've actually grown and now i've got important shit on my device other
    than games. It'd be nice if I can finally rely on Android as well.

  3. that should be my data and device. under the name of security, they want to have all authority of our phones. There should be some alternatives instead of google. Gmail, youtube, android, google web, google play etc. everything we use is Google's, and they do whatever they want to do. it doesn't sound good for me.

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