Google Python Class Day 2 Part 3


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Google Python Class Day 2 Part 3:
Utilities: URLs and HTTP, Exceptions.

By Nick Parlante.

Support materials and exercises:

37 thoughts on “Google Python Class Day 2 Part 3

  1. Great contents, great delivery. I was able to learn the core of the language. The fact that I am using python 3.6 and had to modify the examples and exercises did not get in the way. In fact, it may have helped.

  2. Hi,
    I really enjoyed watching your videos…they are simply interesting…could you please tell me how to code in python for data analytics…extracting data from the account and then check everything for the effectiveness of the marketing campaign…

  3. An issue which I am currently facing, if someone knows what's happening here, it will be helpful.
    When I am passing the list to sys.argv, such as sys.argv[1:], the error prompt is: TypeErrors: coercing to Unicode: need string or buffer, list found.
    However, when I pass sys.argv[1], the code works and prints the content of a single file, given in the terminal.
    This is occurring while following the example shown in the vid (timestamp: around 3:40 in the vid)

    I am working on a Windows system, and am assuming this error has nothing to do with system?

    The simple code (also in the vid):
    import sys

    def cat(filename):
    f = open(filename)
    text =
    print '—', filename
    print text

    def main():
    args = sys.argv[1:]
    for arg in args:

    if _name_ == '__main__':

  4. I found them helpful, You need practice to get you going.

    Anyone know a group where we can join and help doing some python coding for fun.
    Or some freelance who can give some task, so we can learn from by working on some real project. ( I do that for free ). till I get some experience.

    Some weekend project to work on.

    Thanks a lot these videos help.

    Best of luck.

    Make more if you can please.

  5. I may have missed this direction, but in case anyone is having problems with the place image (and you don't want to look at, or whatever), you have to sort the puzzle urls with respect to the second set of alphanumerics in the URL.

  6. If you are also wondering, I am pretty sure those people asked a question that was supposed to be, "How can I print out the actual exception that was thrown and print that out but still keep running"?
    import sys
    import traceback

    def dothis():
    print "Inside try"
    except Exception, err:
    print "Error Exception in dothis()"

  7. He didn't mention the custom sort required in the video for the place puzzle. But it is detailed in the support materials.

    if the url ends in the pattern "-wordchars-wordchars.jpg", e.g. "foo/puzzle/bar-abab-baaa.jpg", then the url should be represented by the second word in the sort (e.g. "baaa"). So sorting a list of urls each ending with the word-word.jpg pattern should order the urls by the second word.

  8. Asking questions when you have doubts is not idiotic.

    Now, making fun of people when they make a perfectly valid question …yeah, that's pretty much the hallmark of an idiot.

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