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25 thoughts on “Guns of Boom Review iOS Android FPS Game

  1. Do you play Guns Of Boom, what you think about this game?
    Here I have few tips just for you:
    1. Enter the game few times a day, because of the free crates
    2. Play quests on a regular basis
    3. Don’t spend the money on granades and health kits, you can win them free (from crates) in sufficient amount.
    4. Don’t spend the in game money on the weapon in the beginning, take time to figure out what you need, when you kill the enemy, pick up his weapon. This way you will have better weapons and great opportunity to test various weapons and figure out which is the best to spend money on it, never mind is it real or money from the game.

  2. Been playing a few days. I love how theres no bullshit 50 minute tutorials before u play like most mobile games.
    Also this game needs attachments and challenges for camos instead of RNG

  3. When you get to level 24 and up, you will not survive without paid weapons. So when you start you can play like this guy in the video here, but when you get up in levels, you can’t compete without spending real money. I’m sure he knows that know since it’s 6 months later. Don’t let this video fool you.

  4. It's a pay to win at lv 16 they offer the shotgun "Ranger" which is OP and you can use it on the wait to lv 32. At this point if u want cheap win u have to upgrade your weapon to either Porcupine(the godlike shotgun) or Jaugunaut(the monster assault rifle) If you don't want to lose 70% out of your games.

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