Hello World Java Program in Linux Ubuntu


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Run Hello World Program in Java Programming Language using Linux Ubuntu. We have used gEdit and Linux Terminal To Execute Java Program in Ubuntu To Print Hello World. Visit www.codingalpha.com for Java Programs.

10 thoughts on “Hello World Java Program in Linux Ubuntu

  1. I learned when saving the text file "Helloworld" it MUST correspond with public class "Helloworld" in the script, OR else the javac will result in an error. I had saved the text file as Helloworld BUT the public class was input and saved as Hello World.

    I also learned that in the script System.out.println ("hello world"); statement needs to be spelled correctly. I had System.out.prntln ("hello world"); missing the leter "i" in the system.out.println () method. It's hard to see the screen in the video. I needed to really look very closely at the monitor.

    Thanks for posting this tutorial. It helped me 🙂

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