Here’s Why Python is Used in Cybersecurity


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You have heard you need to learn Python as a student in security, but do you know why exactly? Python is used for five primary reasons in the security world. The five reasons are outlined below…

These five reasons include:
1) It’s easy to learn
2) It’s swift
3) Python is widely used around the software development community
4) Python has an extensive amount of libraries/modules
5) It’s productive and efficient in developing code

Python is often referred to as the first…

12 thoughts on “Here’s Why Python is Used in Cybersecurity

  1. Python is not the only one… there is another language is not new but still it is going to be successful in the future, wonder what that is?

    It's Go programming language developed by google and better than Java to be honest, and has a C-like syntax.
    Also there is a go book called Black Hat Go for pentesters which is still new… if you're curious, go check it out, also I'm a Software Engineer first year student from Bahrain in the middle east saying hello to your channel.

    Keep up the good work.

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