HMD Nokia 8 (6GB): Quick Android Oreo final review


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A quick look at HMD’s final release of Android Oreo v8.0.0 for their flagship phone, the Nokia 8.

Does it support Project Treble? And what about a zombie emoji? All will be revealed (well, at least those two things)…

Some quick shortcuts:
Notification dots:
Pulldown notifications:
Picture in picture:
Night light:

17 thoughts on “HMD Nokia 8 (6GB): Quick Android Oreo final review

  1. Did the camera app change???
    If yes can you make video about it
    If no
    Can you make review pro camera app on nokia 8 like fv5 or bacon to see the extra features it get

  2. Hello my friend can u do a favor for me if u have the iPhone X with u can u do a speed test comparison and camera comparison between Nokia 8 and iPhone X will be glad if u do so thnx in advance 😊

  3. You should also be able to get picture in picture by going fullscreen a video in chrome/webview and opening the app switcher.

    Are you sure AptX actually works? It's listed on the Nexus 6P in developer options as well but it's never used and you can't force the device to use it.

    What is the flashing white border on top left of the homescreen dock? It happens multiple times throughout the video, check out 4:34 for example.

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