How Can Freelance Web Developers Print Money in 2018?


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There is a huge demand for web developers in 2018 … especially PHP based developers, and WordPress developers. If you want to get into freelance programming, it’s really hard to do better than this path.

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27 thoughts on “How Can Freelance Web Developers Print Money in 2018?

  1. I did web development back in 97-99 and from there I went into consulting and had a blast, worked many markets did so much money, then health hit the fan and for 5 years I hadn't been able to work in the tech market due to health reasons, last year I tried to soak up as much in HTML/CSS/JS/Bootstrap/Wordpress/PHP/MySQL for kicks and now have a contract gig with one customer and you are right people are searching. If a disabled person like me can do it… anyone that can apply him/herself can do it. On the same subject, it is amazing what poor quality some "professional developers" are putting out there. It baffles me comparing to the 90's and just how effin hard it was just do something simple and today in a "Lego" world (lets face it, front end development is putting "blocks" together) that such crap is out there. This has made me want to continue learning the core basics of other frameworks and languages. Great video good sir!

  2. Stefan Mischook what gadgets do you use for your youtube channel, you r videos are exceptionally clear and I want to start myself. Please get back to me if you ever read this. You are awesome btw

  3. Stefan, if you're someone who has learned some PHP, JavaScript, HTML and CSS but you don't have any design sense how do you go about starting a portfolio? I enjoy coding and I could take a mockup and turn it into code, but I have no creative ability myself.

  4. I know this is likely a common question, but will the demand for php developers go UP as less people decide to learn it? Currently I am learning Javascript with React/Vue frameworks as well, and it seems like this is the common trend. However, when everyone is learning the cool stuff, what happens when someone needs a php developer?

    As a new dev trying to break into the field, it may be a way to gain some experience and find an opportunity to go with PHP (or so it seems).

    Thoughts on this?

  5. Surprising to hear this considering how many kids are pouring into web dev. these days.
    It certainly doesn't speak well for these kids if they're flooding the market. Yet businesses still can't find decent enough developers to hire.

  6. I love this video, but all I read is the field is flooded. No jobs for web, programming, software people. Too many outside America filling ALL computer jobs. American computer graduates can't find jobs.

  7. I keep seeing that web developers are in demand, but I seem to really struggle just trying to find open positions. My local area suck for good web dev jobs so I need to look for remote job. Where can I find them?

  8. I've got WordPress down cold. I also work professionally as a MEAN developer, so apps are also within reach. My question is less about the hard skills and more about sourcing quality clients and how much to charge. What are your views on that?

  9. Great video Stefan. I've been programming for over 20 years now, and focusing on WP for the last 8 or so. I've been getting clients through word of mouth, but any suggestions on how to scale that up? I still work a 9-5 but would love to get to the point where the freelance provides for my fulltime income.

  10. Totally off topic but, has anyone ever told you you act and talk exactly like Saul Goodman from 'better call saul'? I like your style man, keep it up 🙂

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