How do I configure MMS settings on my android phone?


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Check out the configurations of setting the MMS service on your android phone.

40 thoughts on “How do I configure MMS settings on my android phone?

  1. So can you explain how this is supposed to work after I did all of the settings on a Samsung galaxy note 3? I recently looked at the phone up with cricket and they told me all of those fields are supposed to be blank the only thing they said is it supposed to show Is ndo.

  2. So in the beginning you told us the MMS port should be 8080 then a minute later you tell us that the MMS report we should change 28002. So is it 8002 or is it 8080 which one is it it seems like you guys are rewinding the video or telling us to go and change the same setting several times over again.

  3. I've got a problem: when someone sends a message in a group chat the message from every person comes up as a multamedia message and I have to manually download each message from each person that sent a message, and when people are constantly texting in the group chat it becomes very annoying, does anyone know how to fix this?

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