How to Change Your Bootanimation – Android Basics 101


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The great thing about Android is the vast possibilities when it comes to customization. When you root you open up even more options for customization. One of those options is changing your boot animation. Why have the same stock boot animation as everyone else? You can find a vast selection of custom boot animations from simple graphic animations to animations that make your phone feel retro or pay homage to another device like a Playstation 2.

In this episode of XDA Developer TV, XDA…

43 thoughts on “How to Change Your Bootanimation – Android Basics 101

  1. Hi Alexander I hope you are well,I was trying to change the booting animation on a android tablet version 4.4.2 but the booting animation doesnt change no matter what i do,i tried to use a boot animation app,i also pasted the animation straight to the system/media folder from Es file exploer but nothing,what do u think is the problem?

  2. Why are people are so affected by his eyebrows. This is a tutorial video not an eyebrow videos. Stop making fun of this guy. At least he taught us how to change the boot animation. You silly stupid people cant even say thank you. Next time go to school and learn good manners and do not judge a book by its cover. If you do not know what that means maybe you should have been never born. Thank You :p

  3. Tnx man!! It worked!! At first i thought it won't work but i forgot to turn on root explorer lul that's why i can't paste the file but its now fixed!! Yay tnx alot man

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