How to create XML document using Python


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Learn how you can use Python to create your own XML documents so you can share your data between multi systems.

Hope you enjoy my first Python video tutorial here on YouTube.

This video is outdated, new video is created:

5 thoughts on “How to create XML document using Python

  1. Thank you very much, dude!!!
    I tried to create a pvd file (paraview) instead xml file in python and worked very well too!!

    I will just describe my situation in case someone google it, as I did and found nothing about it.

    I needed to do this pvd file because it is the only file that can open in paraview and give values for timestep, not that one automatically when open all files with the same name.

    Well, creating a pvd file and doing a looping there, worked perfectly!
    Your video helped a lot!
    Thank you again, man!

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