How to Create Your First Web Page in Dreamweaver CS6 & CC


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In this Dreamweaver CS6 video we will:

– Create a web page template
– Style and position elements in the page using CSS
– Create a border radius on your DIV container using CSS
– We are going to load some new web fonts into Dreamweaver, so you can include really cool fonts on your projects, and ensure your visitors can see the fonts you intend for them to…

44 thoughts on “How to Create Your First Web Page in Dreamweaver CS6 & CC

  1. thanks buddy i learnt a lot from you i followed you step by step just want want to point that when using maths it doesn't fit correctly in my web page so i managed to keep the numbers for padding margins the way it would better in my scree and my web preview thanks a lot

  2. SkeeterZ71,
    I have followed your instructions and double checked all the code I'm guessing I've done something wrong…my content 1 is positioned left under topnav (fine ) but content 2 is below content 1 but on the right hand side. It is positioned to the right and content 1 is positioned to the left in the CSS rule settings and when the main is selected it shows the horizontal container with content one in. Any ideas how to move content 2 to be next to content 1?

  3. Any way you can do a quick tutorial about making this page we just created responsive? By just changing the max-width, width?? I plan to look at your other tutorial but I already spent time on this one.

  4. Hi there
    Great vid, though at the footer stage of your vid, am using cs6 i had to insert the "bottom nav as a div. It would only display as <div id="bottomnav">Bottom Nav</div> in live view. I also had to place end main below the "bottom nav" to display in live view as pictured in your video, not sure what difference this will make, if any???.

  5. Just thought you might want to know just how far reaching your tutorial has become.  At 75 years old, even I understood and appreciated your talent for teaching.  Thank you!  P.S.  the minor mistakes are actually helpful!

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