How to Direct Download Android Apps on a PC With Google Play : Mobile Apps


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Direct downloading Android Apps on a PC with Google Play is something that you do before adding them to your device. Direct download Android apps on a PC with Google Play with help from a software engineer with broad and extensive experience developing embedded system firmware and providing global engineering software, tool and process support in this free video…

31 thoughts on “How to Direct Download Android Apps on a PC With Google Play : Mobile Apps

  1. If you guys want to download google apps to PC hard disc, here is another way you can do it easily. you can use its basically a "downloader" which uses link from google play store. What you have to do it just visit playstore from browser… find the app you want to download and then copy paste the link on search bar to apps.evozi and then click download. That's all

  2. Here you go, this is all you will ever need if your in love with FREE mobile apps from either the Windows Phone Store or Google Play Store, either way, we've got you covered! We did this just in time for the Holidays, enjoy and please share! We've painstakingly complied this small download application for both the Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store that gives you access to ALL apps that have at least a 4 star rating for each app! We promise this will make you happy!

    Download 32-Bit:

    Download 64-Bit:

    Password: downloader

    Seasons Greetings To All, and to all a Happy Download!

  3. but why in the fuck does google even have a play store icon in google search on PC?
    you go to google, go to play store icon, ,you see all the android apps, they all have install buttons next to them even though you can't install any of them what in the actual fuck are they thinking ?this makes no sense why are google such fucking retards , why put install buttons next to something that can't even be installed? they obviously know you are on a PC so the buttons should not show up or they should offer a their own blue stacks vitrtual android environment or something
    play store is fucking useless if you are on, and then putting the icon right in PC google search and then putting install buttons for uninstallable androids apps makes it even worse, do these people even think before they do things?

  4. I am just getting use to the different apps for both my cell phone and Windows 8.1 computer. The only app I love so far is the Android apps for the bible which I use on my telephone. They seem to work fine, but the ones for my laptop computer sucks as I don't want to be online using up precious time playing games or doing other things. I even purchased the Train Simulator program from a store and the program was downloading large updates on a daily basis and using up all my download time so I deleted it. I had never gotten to use the software and won't use it now. They must have unlimited online usage in Europe where this was written. I enjoyed the information you described on downloading the apps.

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