How to feed a ball python that goes “off feed”


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Here is a little trick I learned to get my phantom ball python “Zombi” to eat, she has been on a hunger strike for a little over 3 months and untill she decides to eat on her own this is how I feed her. As long as you are careful and you don’t do this more then once a week this will not hurt your snake should you try this method for yourselves. Do not use anything bigger then a pinky mouse for the assist feeding part and be sure to have an appropriate sized pre killed rat ready (by…

23 thoughts on “How to feed a ball python that goes “off feed”

  1. My snake hasnt been eating for 3 months since i tried to change him to small rats and hes only 6 months old.. for the past month hes been losing weight and ive tried scenting, braining, and different sizes. Im so happy i found this video cause ive read a lot of forums but they dont show this method often. Im gonna try this in 2 weeks and hopefully he will eat again

  2. Our ball python about (5yrs) is refusing to eat it's only been a month but she dropping so much weigjt. Her skin looks different and you can see roll all over her where she's lost weight. So maybe we could try this. Not sure tho.

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