How to Install Android 8.1 Oreo + Root for Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge Plus!


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Most likely, Samsung will not update the Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge Plus beyond Android 7.0 Nougat but there is an easy way to upgrade and install Android 8.1 Oreo + root by installing a custom ROM.  This is the Lineage OS 15.1 custom ROM for the Galaxy Note 5 and S6 Edge Plus, which works quite well even for a beta version.

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31 thoughts on “How to Install Android 8.1 Oreo + Root for Galaxy Note 5/S6 Edge Plus!

  1. Which party app i have to use for S Pen? Btw, i missed the S Pen utilities; the thing when i pulse the button of the pen and open the tools, there is any way for recover it in this rom?

  2. I tried unsuccessfully to get this rom working on my Note 5. Specifically what happened was I was unable to get the T-Mobile Access Points added. I had to manually add them but when I tried to add and save, I couldn't do it. I reloaded the ROM and still had the same problem. I loaded the zip files according to your video but could not get the cellular portion of the ROM working. Everything else seems to work fine but if have any advice for what I may need to do to get the Cellular Access Points working correctly, please advise. Thanks.

  3. That's why they come out with a new phone every 6 months 😂 . You get a new phone means you get the latest version of android. I can't even afford the latest phone but I'm satisfied with what I have.

  4. Follow the tutorial and I tested it, I liked it a lot, but it did not work perfectly on my Note 5 SM-N920G, the camera did not open and neither does the music player work, besides having flat legs. Other than that I enjoyed everything else and the experience, it's a pity it's not 100% great.

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