[HOW TO] Install Android P beta on Essential Phone (PH-1): ADB Sideload & Fastboot


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Skip to @5:32 for fastboot instructions https://youtu.be/I0K1_FrbpDY?t=5m32s

How to unlock Essential phone bootloader: https://youtu.be/_DNWCqSAAVM

Minimal ADB & Fastboot: https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2317790

Essential Phone USB Drivers: https://storage.googleapis.com/essential-static/Essential-PH1-WindowsDrivers.exe

Download Android P Dev Preview: https://www.essential.com/developer/developer-preview

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24 thoughts on “[HOW TO] Install Android P beta on Essential Phone (PH-1): ADB Sideload & Fastboot

  1. Mine got up to 71% and then the installation gave me this error: adb: Failed to read command: No Error, if their is a way to redo this or safely abort the process it would be appreciated. UPDATE the process timed out and the phone is working normally. Essential recommended this to me to get android auto working.

  2. Hey Chris, took down my previous comment, and updating with this one. First…thanks so much for all your efforts, and sharing this stuff with us! I was pretty frustrated when I came across your video and continued to try and get Android P beta on my phone using your instruction but could not. After a 24hr cool down period, I deleted everything I had downloaded, then came back to your video and followed your instructions, step by step, and it worked, flawlessly. Just wanted to share, and give you credit for the fact that I finally have Android P on my Essential Phone. 🙂 PS….I have also subscribed and look forward to more good stuff.

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