How to install Java Development Kit (JDK)


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In this video, I will show you how to install JDK and make the computer to recognize the Java compiler.

25 thoughts on “How to install Java Development Kit (JDK)

  1. Due to this video being old, there are many problems I have faced… 1: the site updated so I can't even follow along with you… 2: There are newer versions and I can not even find the same version (6u23) as shown in your video, and 3: I have a Dinosaur computer… A Windows Xp Prof. Service Pack 2 to be exact….. Please Help. 🙁

  2. u no how u put the first jdk mine goes to like 100 things and says like english and a bunch of other things thne i download and it dont work i need it to be like

    help asaaaaap 🙂

  3. @ChrisTheBest1992 Oh JCreator. I remember I've used JCreator in my freshman year in high school. I think you have to configure that with JDK manually. But I'm not sure if that's right and it has been so long.

  4. @MrGIZDICH nope,that didnt worked either.
    look,i download the JDK you told me and i did the rest of stuff in "my computer" creatinh the path
    when i enter in java i do this class

    class hola{
    public static void main(String args[]){

    and i get an invalid path error
    help!! i have Jcreator LE and Jcreator LE 4.00

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