How-to Install older version of DJI Go on your Android device


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This is a how to on installing older versions of DJI Go on an android device.

16 thoughts on “How-to Install older version of DJI Go on your Android device

  1. Thank you So much!!! My spark just got update 4.2.20 and made everything Crap! I had no battery percentage when recording, disconnect very often and gimbal motor overload warning. I turned off auto update and went back to when sparky was amazing! Really thank you so so much!!! Subbed!

  2. It does not seem APKpure has the older Go4 versions any longer. I had previously rolled back the app to 4.0.6 but when trying to find the version for a new phone, the site does not seem to go that far back. am I missing something?

  3. Thanks for the info, was able to restore Android tablet to functioning again. Brought back battery info, gesture mode and all important height, distance etc. . Almost wore out my otg cable trying to determine problem, should have checked online forum sooner.

  4. i was able to roll it back, but as soon as i open it, a window pops up telling me that i must update to current version before i can proceed. only way to get the window to go away is to select update from Google play or website. also i cant go back any farther then the 3.0 version. 2.9 is not in the list. this is for the p3 pro.

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