How to install pyScripter and python


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Non-portable version of pyScripter.

pyScripter is a very easy to use integrated development environment (IDE). It is used to write python code, is free and open source.

In this tutorial i will download and Install #pyScripter and the correct version of python for this IDE. pyScripter is an IDE used to code python and comes in two different flavours: portable and desktop. The desktop variety will need to be installed and is the one used in this video.

Since #pyScripter will only use…

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  1. I have followed your guide step by step and when I try to open it, it shows an error and when I look for Pyscripter it doesn't show me 3.4 all it shows me is 3.6, 2.7 and latest version and none of them work please help me!!

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