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Wanna learn how to code fast? When I first started learning to code, I spent five years learning PHP. I made a ton of mistakes. But, I learned from them and when I learned jQuery, I did it in about 30 days. This episode reveals the mistakes I made and what I discovered about learning to code fast.

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6 thoughts on “How to learn to code fast

  1. I was about to go to sleep and I went to youtube and saw this…… John is on fire this week! ( i think im becoming a john morris STAN ) LOL thanks again buddy for your work keep designing ……

  2. I must say that going in college give me the benefit to start learning programing languages very quickly in the first 2 semestars in the first year i've learned C for procedual, and C++ for OOP. Now im only picking languages that belongs to the C/C++ and luckily the top5 mainstream languages are succsesors to C/C++ (Java, Php, Javascript, C#). I am just checking the syntax how similar is and if i stuck with something i just google, if everything is the same just like c/c++ im moving forward, and after learning the syntax im trying to write some simple programs that covers that important modules or concepts of that language.

  3. My two cents as a new coder (I’ve been at it about a year now):

    If you are working on a language that is kicking your ass (PHP and JavaScript both made mincemeat of my brain), try another language. I have found that Python is an INCREDIBLE first language, and while I have every intention of returning to Javascript at a later date, I’ll stick with Python until I understand the fundamentals verbatim.

    In terms of ‘learning quickly’, I would like to put forward the idea that concepts such as arrays/strings, linked lists, recursion, data trees, stacks/queues, etc… should be learned alongside language specifics such as defining a variable, creating a function, etc… LEARN BOTH! I agree on moving on if you get stuck with something, but I also think it should be revisited with a ‘fresh’ perspective (it helps me).

    Lastly, honestly…and maybe it’s just me, but I write everything critical out by hand, sometimes repetitively so that I can recall it by memory later on. Great vid though man, thanks for contributing to the coding community. 🙂

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