How to Pick The Best Programming Book


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32 thoughts on “How to Pick The Best Programming Book

  1. how to read programming books:
    First, don’t skip the introduction because most of these books describes how a language effects or deal with hardware or how the compiler works. second, work every instruction the book command you to do because it will definitely help you otherwise won’t make sense(why the author put it there in the first place).Third, go to every source the book command you to got to because it will gives you more knowledge about some subject; by the way try this android app, it helps you extract a URL without write it by hand (, solve every problem the book gives you, it will teach you how to use what you learned and gives you more experience.


  2. One year ago I had no idea at all about programing BUT I saw that you recommended this book in some email you sent and I decided to buy it. Now I use python on a regular basis in my job, thank you so much! 🙂

  3. Could you please do a tutorial on making a gameboy emulator with python and maybe even optimize it with cython.

    That would be an amazing project to learn so much.
    Could look at the Unicorn Engine, Keystone engine and even Capstone engine as well…

  4. Hey Qazi, big fan of your channel brother! Merry Christmas btw! Not sure if you'll see this but ill give it a go anyways. I'm a 23 year old, 9-5er right now at a mortgage company and you've been an inspiration to me, in starting a coding career. Thank you. I want to know what your thoughts are on the recent net neutrality repeal by the FCC and how it could affect someone like myself who is just starting to code and creating my own business. What challenges will it present to you? How could you work around it in the most efficient way possible? Thanks again! I appreciate your time you put into this channel.

  5. Hey qazi,
    Just wanna ask how much maths (excluding basic plus minus divsion) like calculus or trigno in making ur projects for clients in python as a web dev!!
    Any reply would be highly appreciated

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