How to Play Knives Out on PC Controls for Nox Android Emulator


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A quick tutorial on how to download and play battle royale game Knives Out on PC with Nox App Player, an Android emulator for PC. A recent release of Nox App Player has a fix for the “sorry, your mobile device is not supported, currently” error message on emulators, making the Android game Knives Out-6x6km Battle Royale playable on PC.

1. Download and install the latest Nox App Player:…

37 thoughts on “How to Play Knives Out on PC Controls for Nox Android Emulator

  1. Hey bro i hope you can respond i have a problem and i've searched everywhere!, thing is when i mouse my camera view but at the same press a key example WASD the camera moves weirdly…like its lagging or freezing. And it justs forces me to either move the camera view or press a key.

  2. Hey does this work on nox latest version and knives out? Because when I load the game I press play it says a bunch of Chinese letters seems like they blocked it any solutions bro!

  3. I'm having problems with my scope it's moving on it's own it automatically goes up if I slightly move the mouse or even not move the mouse it moves on its own. help please

  4. bro thanks for the guide, btw how you can make it run so smoothly?? I have 8GB Ram (4GB & 2 cores nox settings), 3Ghz cpu, 2GB V-ram, with special setting Nox high performance, 60fps into nox settings and high fps game option ticked and but still have some frames drop and my mouse kinda acting laggy…any tip?

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