How to run first PHP program in XAMPP Server


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Learn how to run your first PHP program in XAMPP Server. PHP is a server-side scripting language that is used to create dynamic web pages.

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35 thoughts on “How to run first PHP program in XAMPP Server

  1. hi amit i have download the xampp environment easily i run apache and my sql in xampp but when i browse the localhost in my browser window i can't find anything but only still a black window…

  2. Hi Dear, After installing xampp when I run the xampp_start.exe file it says the below text (2018-03-17 4:06:11 6780 [Note] mysqlbinmysqld.exe (mysqld 10.1.31-MariaDB) starting as process 3260 …). What does it mean? Is it a bug? I thought I should not see any further text/command below the instruction text line ending with the word "gracefully".

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