How to Speed Up Android for Better Performance! 2018


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Speed up your Android phone or tablet for better performance! You’ve probably noticed that your Android device is quite a bit slower than when you first got it. There can be numerous reasons for this. In this video, I’ll show you various ways to speed up the performance of your Android phone or tablet to make it run faster.

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0:20 Update
1:02 Clean Up
1:19 Free Up RAM
1:47 Bluetooth

41 thoughts on “How to Speed Up Android for Better Performance! 2018

  1. If none of these tips work to improve the performance of your Android device, it may be suffering from a hardware issue. So, it might be time to upgrade your device… Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. I think i need a bigger sd card. I frequently take pics n videos. Would really help free up my internal storage(28/32gb lol).And my sd also self-format when storage is just 173kb wtf.

    Edit: about openGL skia, i tried to enable it but it kinda resets itself, havent tried gaming yet, and it broke my camera app until i reboot.

  3. I have Moto G5 and every app I install automatically installs to the internal storage and I don't know how to transfer them to my SD card or change the default install location.

  4. The point to remember is that of the above mentioned points only 2 are the most promising.
    1) keep at least 5 GB's of space free in the internal storage.
    2) clear cache every week (I do it every sunday) for all apps.
    If you follow this 2 steps your phone will not experience lag, stutter during usage. And if all of above doesn't solve the problem then it's just that your smart phone hardware (mostly processor) is out of date and is just not able to process all this load of new apps which have more features than before and need more cpu horsepower, so it's suggested to upgrade your device.
    In most cases buying a smart phone with the top of the line hardware (flagship) and atleast 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of ram will guarantee smooth operation of atleast 4 years if you are just a casual and not a power user.

  5. My version of Android (7) does not have a Background Check option. It does have a process limiter with options from allowing from 0 to 4 processes, and standard (default). What do you recommend?

  6. The developer option tips really made a huge difference. Apps display on startup and switching screens was getting lagging pretty bad. Now the screen display seems almost instant.

  7. hi awesome video and tips. How can I clear my space in K-Lite Tab Z Wifi-3G. I really got headache to see my running application at times very slow to load up. Plse advise on this.Thank You.

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