How To Transfer Photos From Android Phone to Your Computer Desktop Using Drag & Drop


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I’ll show you how to quickly transfer photos from your Android device to your computer desktop using what I call the ‘drag & drop’ method. This method is very easy use and allows you to move exactly which photos &/or videos you want to and from your phone hassle free. As well not needing to ‘sync’ unwanted media which can be extremely time consuming not to mention annoying lol!

26 thoughts on “How To Transfer Photos From Android Phone to Your Computer Desktop Using Drag & Drop

  1. You talk so fast with no pauses in your video, it's hard to follow. I appreciate that you explain what you're doing and why, but please slow down. Another thing this video is from 2013, how about an update?

  2. I generally send files through AirMore, but I have video upload problems that are logged in Videocam Illusion. And when I manage to move this video does not open because of MOV format. Please help because the application is interesting. I have a Sony Xperia M2

  3. SHIT!
    I had to import 1035 photos!
    Well this is going to take some time….-_- btw from the first minute then i knew what to do already XD idk why I came here I could've done it myself!

  4. Hi, thanks for sharing your expertise. I tried doing what you said, but the folder is empty. I go back to my gallery on my Samsung s5 and I see all of my photos. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Thank you for your easy instructions and video. I think I transferred all picture and videos, the only thing is that I went to dcmi folder but there was nothing in there so i went to pictures and movies files and copied them from there but know i still have the content on my phone. what should I do? do I need to go back into my phone and delete them all?

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