How to Transfer Whatsapp History from iPhone to Android


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Hey guys! I hope this video about how to transfer Whatsapp history from iPhone to Android helps! I am using a Google Pixel so it may be minor differences when using a Samsung or LG. The websites I used are below 🙂:

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  1. If someone wish to transfer the media files from iphone whatsapp too, I suggest using iExplorer ( ) it is free and work flawless!
    The path is: App Group/
    I hope it helps, because I wasted a lot of time to find one software that could do this job for free.

  2. Hi Kris, thank you so much for posting this video; however I have 2 problems… on my Huawei phone the step described starting the minute 3:52 about unlocking the possibility to install software from Crome on the phone it's not there so in the end it's not possible to finish the job and the other is that I would like to ask you if you know how to transfer media also ? Thanks again!!!

  3. i did this same as video still my whatsapp not looking for local backup please help me out guys .. is this still working? please please please help me out guys i really need my iphone whatsapp data to android .. thanks in advance

  4. helped in getting my whatapp chat from iphone6s plus to pixel 3XL. While doing this process only question i had is will it only recover whatsapp messages or even media content as well if we extract other files from iphone whataspp folder.

  5. Hello Kris,

    You just did my day. Thank you for your great job. This is such a good one.

    I work in a construction company in Mozambique, we run projects all around the country (what is massive) using and abusing from whatsapp. Cheap solution to contact the most remote people in the hearth and have some pictures of what is going on there.

    I had to change phones and all the history is really relevant for my work.

    Thank you again,

    Bruno Peixoto

  6. Hello kris k i have a simple question . When you move the data from ios to android have you succeed to move also media ( videos and photos ) because i have in my whatsapp around 20 GB of media date audio video !

  7. This works. Thank you 🙂
    For anyone with a Huawei P20 Pro struggling to find 'Install unknown apps', it's in Settings > Security & privacy > More > Install unknown apps

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