How to use Cmake with Qt Creator for Building C++ programs


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14 thoughts on “How to use Cmake with Qt Creator for Building C++ programs

  1. HEllo, nice video, but maybe you should make an update for that. How does it works with the qt creatror and roslaunch, there are still issues. Can you make a video to this or shortly explain it here, pls. Also the difference between attach to running application, unstarted apllication Thanks!

  2. can anybody explain what the argument "-DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug" means? what are the consequences if i don't add it? (I tried myself on Generator: UNIX Generator(GCC(x86 64bit)) and didnt notice any difference

  3. Please , i need your help , i have installed QtCreator & Cmake ( Cmake is present in the usr/bin folder ) but when i open Qtcreator , i can't find "Plain C++ Project ( Cmake Build ) " only the standard "Plain C++ Project" , i don't know what is the problem , or how i could add these project template manually to QtCreator. Also when i go into the "Tools==>Options==> Build & Run" menu , i can't find a Cmake column , only default Qt Compiler & GCC * …
    Please , i f somebody can help me 🙂

  4. Wayy too basic. Maybe actually having some QT code in the main.cpp would be useful. Everyone should know how to make a hello world print statement program…. 

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