How to use Wifi Analyzer app on Android Tutorial demo by geoffmobile


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Geoff from shows off a really cool and useful Android app, called “Wifi Analyzer by Farproc” which allows you to see the channels and strengths of the competing wifi routers in your home and nearby.

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Link to the app (Wifi Analyzer by Farproc):

Hope you found this demo helpful. 🙂

Here is some more info on how this app can be used:
When a…

34 thoughts on “How to use Wifi Analyzer app on Android Tutorial demo by geoffmobile

  1. You avoided explaining the channel rating. I'm trying to understand it so I watched your video, by my understanding, lower channels are crowded and you should try to avoid. Better channels are 12, 13 or 14, should you switch your portobello to these channels as suggested?

  2. Great vid, thanks! You could have mentioned that the drop in signal is usually caused by something dense or metalic and can be fixed by placing another AP somewhere, unless you specifically dont want wifi in your bedroom ofc.

  3. Can anyone please tell me how to read the channels? For example, this app tells me I am on Ch11+7 and the graphs shows the 'ark' touching the numbers 5 and 13 (where 9 is in the middle). What does that mean? I'm confused and three other videos don't explain that part.

  4. your review was terrible! you explained nothing. please dont make any more videos. you honestly didnt know how to use the app you were reviewing. what wae the purpose of this time wasting fideo?

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