HTML+Java APIs & JerseyFaces


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Write your client application logic in Java, design your user interface in HTML. Display and deploy everywhere: iOS, Android, JavaFX, pluginless browsers. Design simple or complex CRUD-like business applications. Avoid JavaScript and enjoy power of Java, HTML and CSS!

7 thoughts on “HTML+Java APIs & JerseyFaces

  1. "The NetBeans community is proud to announce another preview of a ground breaking, revolutionary, visionary, powerful, lightweight, standard based, modern and flexible rendering and presentation technology based on a synergy of HTML and Java." LOL.

    It is a combination of three projects: JVM bytecode to JavaScript compiler (Bck2Brwsr), Java APIs for accessing the DOM and wrapping knockout.js (DukeScript) and JerseyFaces which I am not sure what is that about.

    TeaVM is a competing technology to Bck2Brwsr, authors of TeaVM said a year ago it's faster. Bck2Brwsr also produced huge js files then.

    Conclusion: I am not sure what to make of this.

  2. I downloaded the plugin yet I don't see this CRUD with JerseyFaces. I only see HTML + Java Basic Template. I wanted to create something from this. I need persistence for the software. Also there is no Deploy to Android and iOS in the plug-in that I downloaded. Will Deploy to Windows Phone 8 be available in the future? Thanks. I hope I can get the CRUD with JerseyFaces, your site says it's currently available although will be launch on 2015. Where can I get it now? for beta testing and I'm willing to give feedback. Thanks. 🙂

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