Huawei Quagmire Ticking for Trudeau! And I look at the Islamic Ontario Party


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26 thoughts on “Huawei Quagmire Ticking for Trudeau! And I look at the Islamic Ontario Party

  1. 5G IS DESIGNED FOR QUANTUM COMPUTERS, that is to say an end to any privacy, no code can not be hacked no encryption is safe. We really don't need it. Plus it takes I believe 4 times the power. I think we should just send Trudeau to china , let him turn around on a dime.

  2. So we can have a Islamic party of Canada but can’t have a nationalist party? Or a Christian only party? Wake up Canada your facing genocide..
    and to any Muslims reading this, go fuck yourself, let’s get the show on the road, show yourselves, millions of whites are ready to behead u fuckers..

  3. What is this: "updated" nonsense?? (13:49, Globe and Mail article). Now they go back and "re-work" the news?? Remember the good old days when news was printed on paper and personally held by every person?? Sigh…. (Yes, I realize it was rife with lies then too, but at least they, then, had to stick with their first "version").

  4. I love CanadaPoli! Truly, I think you will be remembered as a real Canadian hero. One tiny criticism: Please don't "paraphrase" (or anything else) Will Ferrel!? He's a filthy raping, torturing, baby-eating murderer. (For a start). Just sayin'…. Big time yuck! (But please don't take this as a slight. As I said, I LOVE this channel and all that you are doing to unite Canadians in truth and solidarity. God bless).

  5. @CanadaPoli : Black Pigeon is a Canadian living in Japan (he mentioned it in one of his older videos).
    One of the tweets you've featured in your videos from WayOfTheWorld makes me think maybe he's Canadian as well because he says "our system is corrupt". Need to find more evidence…
    (edit: seems like others beat me to the info)

  6. Did you know open door society tell these immigrants that whites believe we are supreme?
    This gets told to them by white government employees..
    Time to shit down open doors in Canada

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