I Finally Gave In: From Android to the iPhone Xs Max!


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I switched to the iPhone Xs Max after being on Android for 10 years. I feel that iOS has made a ton of changes, but mostly the Apple Watch won me over.
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32 thoughts on “I Finally Gave In: From Android to the iPhone Xs Max!

  1. iMessage is not cross platform and it's more used in the US than rest of the world.

    And in my opinion, the Apple watch is an ugly watch. Android watches are more looking like real watches.
    Best sport watches are made by Garmin.

    But the XS still is a nice phone. Great allround phone.

  2. Kudos to you, bro. I had a iPhone for 4 days and had to switch to the Note 9. iMessage and the camera are amazing, but were the ONLY good thing about the iPhone.

  3. as an iPhone user since 2012 I always wonder: what am I missing outside the walls? My boyfriend had a Galaxy s8, and while it's a good phone it's not anything that makes me wanna swap.
    This video gives me a clearer answer: I'm not missing much, they're pretty similar overall.

  4. My dude: iv'e been using android phones since the original Hero. i've recently jumped over to iPhone, particularly iPhone SE.
    Why? it's now cheap, it works: like you said it pretty much does everything required of it – photos, texting, email and some instagram – call quality is probably the best i've had in years, you can repare it yourself, something that new phone (glass metal pancakes don't allow you to), it has (in theory) 6 years of official support – something that i cuoldnt get from my Nexus6P, and it's pretty damn SMALL! i got tired of "big phones" and the small phones just dont pack that much horsepower than larger siblings. and i can consume content just as good as big phones.
    One other thing: iCloud! you can back up your s***t and you can format/transfer stuff to other device. your original s**t will be on the new on, just as it was! boom!

  5. People talk about the software and the chip that goes into Apple but on the software side until recently updates have been known for hurting the phone and not making the phone better and the thing about software and chips is a team of people design the software and chips and when they're done you can fire them. Apple has never updated a phone with new and amazing features. People compare updates on iPhone to Android but on Android a update can completely change your phone and give you new features. So many people would be happy with a Android phone but they think Apple offers so much protection and benefits when people don't need the protection and there needs are so low that what few features the iPhone has to offer are wasted on people who only text message and look at Instagram

  6. I making the switch to apple on Friday …I'm actually tired of Android and the gimmicks that I have the note 8 and I never use the s pen,edge screen,downloading themes,icons actually take more space over time and every update is boring it's never anything new unless you are beta tester which I am and even with me being a beta tester the official updates still takes forever for Android phones to get

  7. Hey there. I have been an android user all the way back to about 2011 as well. Android is still top dog for me, but I will admit one thing that apple has over android.

    Damn iMessage is SO GOOD! I used a borrowed iPhone 7 for a little while when I lost my s7 edge a few years back, and iMessage is really the best messaging app i've ever used.

    I wonder why Google/Android just can't make something that works as well as android. I do understand why people are so reluctant to give up iPhones. iMessage is that good.

  8. I have both an iphone and android , most used phone is my android phone as i can do more with android , where as i still need a pc for some functions the iphone misses , like downloading video and music and playing it on the stock apps

  9. Why should anyone apologize or try to justify such a decision? You chose the iPhone, it's your right to like whatever you like and that's it. Besides, the iPhone Xs is 10 years ahead of any Android device right now, so good for you.

  10. Bro I'm in shock! Never seen this coming. Although you did make a valid point about the heart monitoring features on the iOS system in the Apple watch. I do see how someone who has a heart condition that would be very valuable to them and I will tell you that that is something that Android needs to catch up to. I see that you've opened up your mind to the iOS and apple side of it. But I will say this as of last month or so flipped out on Apple because I had two very bad experiences with the iPhone 8 plus and had to get it replaced four times because Apple Outsource their work last year to some other company which caused a lot of quality control issues and I must be the one that got all the bad phones LOL. So I did the exact opposite because I normally go through both sides of it but I have a note 9 now and I'm very happy with it.

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