Import CCXT – Python Binance Crypto Trading Bot – Chapter 5.2


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This Video Describes importing CCXT to convert basic bot to Advanced Cryptocurrency Bot

Advanced & Beginner Cryptocurrency Trader Github:

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CCXT Github Code:

1 thought on “Import CCXT – Python Binance Crypto Trading Bot – Chapter 5.2

  1. This is a great channel and thank you for the great work you do.However, I subscribed to Blockchain Engineer's channel hoping to learn how to create a triagular cryptocurrency bot in python as a beginner but the videos on the channel are mixed up and I dont know know which video tutorial comes first and which one follows..This is confusing..Blockchain Engineer I recommend you arrange your video tutorials in a step by step form so that even a beginner programmer will understand the step by step processes you go through to make a triangular arbitrage bot in python.

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