IN THE TANK WITH A SNAKE | Ball Python Eating Mouse (360 Degree Video)


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Get a chance to be in the feeding tank of a Ball Python as it feeds on a white mouse.

This is best viewed on a smartphone or tablet by moving the device around or swiping on the screen. This can also be viewed on Chrome, Firefox or the latest Internet Explorer by clicking and dragging on the video.

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41 thoughts on “IN THE TANK WITH A SNAKE | Ball Python Eating Mouse (360 Degree Video)

  1. Wow bought a mouse from a pet store sitting in his wee box and thinks he will have a good life but no this fat man with his fat brother takes the poor thing and puts it in a box with a snake it shows that these People are fat but there brain is super skinny and small why don't u jump in a pool of sharks while I watch and laugh at you while your limbs get torn off that would be funny

  2. Why are there so many people mad? First of all, there was a damn warning in the beginning so at that point you should have been like oh shit! I'm about to witness some natural shit rn? I cant handle that i should leave. Stop being so mad over this grow up.

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