Insert Dynamic Multi Select Box Data using Jquery Ajax PHP


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Make stylish dynamic multi select drop down list by using Light weight Multi Select Jquery Plugin and Insert multiple select drop down list data in Mysql table by using Ajax with PHP. How to create dynamic dependent Multi select drop down list using Ajax in PHP. Dynamic Dependent Multiple Select Box using Jquery Ajax and PHP.

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13 thoughts on “Insert Dynamic Multi Select Box Data using Jquery Ajax PHP

  1. i really appreciate all your efforts and wish you all the best too….but why dont you make a video for editing data using such plugins.????in my humble opinion, inserting data using these plugins is easy….the real test comes when you have to edit the same data using these plugins….i hope you dont mind….and will try to come up with the video to edit data too.

  2. Thanku Sir for ur efforts ur tutorials are absolutely fantastic … one request thought please can u make a tutorial on sweetalert for deleting data using jquery and ajax sometime later…thanku very much

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