installing .apk files in Android emulator (AVD) (


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28 thoughts on “installing .apk files in Android emulator (AVD) (

  1. it may be the file is corrupt or something like that or u may be trying it in a older Android version in the emulator

    try this on Android 2.3 and make sure the file is working properly…!
    or try another one

  2. when i open my apk file in android ishow sorry this application temple run (process.imangitemplerun) has stopped unexpectedly.please try again and i try again it show me same tottice plese help me man

  3. I'v Done it but it shows something like this

    69 KB/s (4921168 bytes in 69.619s)
    pkg: /data/local/tmp/abc.apk

    Where did i go wrong?
    Great Video by the way 🙂

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