installing full java JDK,jre,etc in ubuntu 14.04


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First we have to download java jdk from the main website !!
// I have it downloaded alrady in my descktop

then we have to extract it into the /tmp folder !!

then open the terminal to do the following

first we log into root
sudo su

if [ ! -d ‘/usr/lib/jvm’ ]; then mkdir /usr/lib/jvm; fi

jdk1.8* = replace it with the name of the extracted folder in this example =jdk1.8.0_05

mv /tmp/jdk1.8* /usr/lib/jvm/

java,javac,jar,javaws = we replace only these

update-alternatives –install…

21 thoughts on “installing full java JDK,jre,etc in ubuntu 14.04

  1. Im wondered.. many years ago before windows dscovered the Graphical interface, they using console right? people who dont know how computer works or no programming background cant understand the console commands. so now, GUI exists this time that makes our life easily and easy to understand,… Im wondered,  why ubuntu(Linux) used console to install the application? instead of GUI?
    My OS for now is ubuntu but im facing a huge problem on how to install an application without using Ubuntu software center…

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