installing the jdk and setting up derby db


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In one of my recent tutorial series on building a REST web service using java enterprise edition 7( Java EE 7 ) technology, I covered the topic of setting up the development environment. The very first part of the process was installing the newest JDK for a Windows 8 operating system and also taking advantage of Derby database that comes with the new JDK download. This tutorial will involve setting up some global environment variables and learning how to start the derby database. In the…

12 thoughts on “installing the jdk and setting up derby db

  1. damn bro i cant get this dam thing right … see i have 2 path in different locations i have them in the opposite as where they are located in your windows as in the path with the attirubute that starts of with c:… in my pc is located in system variables while in yours in located in user's variable it is driving me nuts , i also have another path in user's variable but it does not have the same attribute as yours does

  2. Can you tell me exactly what has to be in the PATH variable?
    I think I am missing something when watching the video because I keep on getting this message in command prompt when I want to start up the database: the specified path was not found

  3. Great video.  can this database particularly use when creating desktop applications or creating applications in which we do not want to install a database server on target machine. It is possible  that we can simply ship a jar file with the database embedded in it, and not worry about installing a database server separately?

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