Interactive World Map Tutorial HTML JavaScript PHP Fireworks Continent Country


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Graphic design tutorials:
Learn to create interactive map interfaces that allow a user to interact with specific areas of your graphics or photos. Graphic changes can take place for those specific areas by establishing a second state. We also discuss how to make it ready for a dynamic PHP MySQL system on the web.

48 thoughts on “Interactive World Map Tutorial HTML JavaScript PHP Fireworks Continent Country

  1. hello there Adam khoury !
    first of all thank you for preparing such effective tutorials .
    i want to have a map where i click on the verses of the map related data of the map should display in the we interface. and all data should come from database.
    i don't know where to start and is that possible or not .
    please guide me.

  2. Hey Adam. Your channel rocks. I just viewed this tutorial, and I wanted to ask you something. If I make this site map, could I place the graphic in WordPress? Also, will it be responsive, or do I need to get a separate plugin for that? I have been told that it is impossible to make image maps and them place them in WordPress, and have them behave that way. The coordinates will shift when the graphic is resized. Thanks.

  3. hello my friends! please help me. I can't choose polygon slice tool because it is symply absence. There is only recangular slice. The program is FW CS6. What the problem? I see the small arrow under slice tool icon but when i press it – nothing happens( PLESE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  4. Thanks man. i was looking for a tutorial like this!
    got some questions:
    1 how can i add a popup windows (on top of the map) instead of linking a page?
    2 what's the best way to export the map into a muse webpage?

    thanks a lot

  5. I love this tutorial, but I need to extend it a little further. Let's say I want to hover over a continent and I want to display how many customers we have in that continent in a tooltip from a database? Anyone have a tutorial links for that? Nice job Adam.

  6. I'm having problem with the states…. When I duplicated it… it didn't show a second layer for it. it is the exact same. Whenever I select state one or two… both ends up being selected with the radio button… I'm kinda confused…. Any help would be greatful!

  7. Hey and what's about making one background a then one jpeg for each continent with transparent background. So you can place the continent images on right place and on hover just change z-index of an image with continent on it. It will be the same, but easier to make. 🙂

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