Internet Explorer 9 mobile vs Android/iOS


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Microsoft pits Windows Phone against iPhone 4 and Android…and wins –

28 thoughts on “Internet Explorer 9 mobile vs Android/iOS

  1. Hold on a sec. That is a modded page he went to that specifically shows the Wp7 ios at a higher framrate than any other platform. Me my colleagues never thought people will fall for this video but i see the majority of you are dumb n are falling for it

  2. @TypeG33K iPhones is for people who don't give a shit about technology period.
    It's the people who were using flip phones/dumb phones beforehand that are now using iphones.

  3. I'm glad I bought an iPhone 4S. I didn't buy an Android phone because it's full of glitches, laggy and the UI is just awful and ugly. I didn't buy a WP7 because there's almost no apps on the app store. What's the use in having all this 'hardware acceleration' stuff on the windows phone if there's no apps to accelerate???

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