27 thoughts on “Introduction to Java Programming 1

  1. This is a great video, exactly what I wanted to know, I don't need a step by step of how to program I need the 10,000 foot view, I can figure out the code on my own with a reference and the internet =) THANKS!

  2. Good attempt, by this guy, appreciate it. But worst part on IGNOU. Must have some person who can really explain the material written in the pages. Hope IGNOU comes with a good solution. He may be a good lecturer offline but in front of camera, he is scared of lights… 🙂

  3. Clearly a nutcase with no knowledge of Java at all or, he is so freaking retarded that he is scared on camera. Slides are awesome, dont get me wrong… but really u need to learn english before u teach someone. It is SSShhhhorrrrttt and not SSSoooooooort in pronunciation !!!!

  4. I actually think is a great video, and the subcontinental accent is not a problem. I have met Americans here who are harder to understand. You just have to catch the stress that the presenter puts on certain words. I am happy that someone took the time to make a comprehensive online overview of Java.

  5. you know iam currently taking Java as a course requirement at my school and this guy speaks better english by far, the sad thing is im paying for that shit and this guy teaches to the same level or better than my own professional teacher..boy does education suck in this country!!

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