Introduction to Kotlin: Making the Java Platform a Better Place


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Google Tech Talk
June 26, 2012

Presented by Andrey Breslav.


Some years ago “alternative” programming languages for the JVM lived mostly in research labs and garages, industry knew about some of them, sometimes even used them, but never produced them. Recently, the trend has changed: new languages are backed by industrial vendors. To put it another way: the time has come for a new JVM language, and there are a few projects competing in this field. One of them is Kotlin, backed by…

13 thoughts on “Introduction to Kotlin: Making the Java Platform a Better Place

  1. Sigh. I really wish they would have just joined up with Typesafe to combine their efforts on Scala instead of fracturing the JVM language space further with Kotlin. Kotlin looks great, but it's very, VERY similar to Scala…

  2. IMO Java is still the most awesome oo language out there. It is just a tiny weeny bit from being perfect for all intents and purposes. If you disagree, you are officially ducktyping spaghetti weaver and i despise you.

  3. Functions are abbreviated to "fun". That's cool and by itself proves your stuff is really great. I have a suggestion. When re-inventing some windowing toolkit for your stuff, why don't you abbreviate the word Window to "win". In my opinion that would make your stuff even greater in today's dynamic marketplace.

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