iOS 7 vs Android: Should Google be worried?


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iOS 7 vs Android: Should Google be worried? iOS 7’s revamped user interface has drawn a lot of praise for its stripped-back simplicity and greater control. But now Apple has a fresh new face, should Android be worried about people hopping aboard the iOS ship? We spoke to the TechRadar team to get their expert opinion.

Everything you need to know about iOS 7:

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36 thoughts on “iOS 7 vs Android: Should Google be worried?

  1. apple is some private super secured OS that has no customization, its not open source, and ios 7 just got features that android had years ago. in words ios is bullshit, ONE LAST MAIN REASON, ANDROID HAS OVER 500 PHONES WHEREAS APPLE ONLY HAS 8ย 

  2. iOS7 is 'simpler and more intuitive', what has that guy been smoking? iOS7 looks like it was designed by a 4 year old with a box of pastel crayons. It's totally ruined the look and 'feel' of my phone and I now can't wait for my contract to end so that I don't have to look at all the stupid animations and bobbing text boxes. By not listening to your loyal customers, you're already standing near the edge of the rooftop Apple. iOS7 may have just pushed you off it.

  3. Pfft, copy of iOS… at least android lets users do whatever the hell they want with their phones, instead of leaving it up to Apple to say what you can and cannot do outside of jailbreaking your device… Which even then, voids your warranty.

  4. Google/Android dominates 80% market worldwide, Apple only 16%.. Apple should be the worry so much Apple Propaganda and Marketing in the USA.. but in other countries Samsung and other phones dominate. Maybe its just because American investor wont profits. I mean yea iphone is good but come on guys, get over the HYPE.The best phone is the phone that fits you. Dont let the power of HYPE increase the power of WONT. Instead be ur self and pic what fits you,maybe Android,iphone or windows.

  5. Yes Apple got all of their ios7 ideas from Android, Microsoft and Umbootu… Apple sucks! They jerk you out of your memory space by making everything 2x bigger then you would find it on android (music, pics, games & movies) so their processor would not crash and don't give you the option for micro sd because they want you to pay for a whole new phone, and you would be able to buy a sd from another place other then Apple… PS still no flash player lol losers!

  6. It all comes down to personal taste, the device you use, what you use it for and how you use it.

    Android phones have a different interface and experience depending on the manufacturer. You had a Galaxy S4? Try an HTC One, or maybe a Sony Xperia Z? Or instead of trying another device, why not install a custom ROM?

    It's whatever works best for an individual. Globally, there's no "best" phone. If you like yours, then that is the best phone for -you-.

  7. Well, try comparing at least stock Android. It doesn't/rarely lags. Also, sure, the iPhone beat Android to the market by a year, but eventually Android caught up and surpass for a while. I tried iOS 7 on a 5 and it isn't bad at all, but so is 4.3 on the Nexus 4.

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