IPhone users vs. Android users: Who’s happier?


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The CyberGuy Kurt Knutsson on a recent study comparing iPhone users and Android users.

21 thoughts on “IPhone users vs. Android users: Who’s happier?

  1. Google is evil. Seriously evil. Apple is commie. Some of us are just sad that these evil empires have pushed out any chance for competition. Everyone get rid of your damned smartphones and become decent human beings again.

  2. When your job pays you more money than your worth, of course you have money to blow on an apple product. And you will be fat dumb and happy.

    For the rest of us, we work for a living. 😉

  3. Sorry to ALL the Android users, many, if not MOST of my friends own Androids but I am quite Happy with my iPhones. I have Bluetooth headsets, a Mac, iPads and EVERYTHING I do on 1 is on the others! Works very well in my cars, or on my H-D, answers calls and plays my music via Bluetooth. Guess Apple sucked me in many years ago but I am QUITE HAPPY and now thinking about the new iPhone Xs Thank You! Guess that is WHY we are known as "Land of the Free, Home of the Brave" and have FREEDOM of mulitiple choices and everyone is Happy, WELLLLLL the iPhone Users are acording to the Video, not so much for Andriod Users! #ExtremelyProudAmerican #ProudCombatVeteran

  4. I had an Apple LC given to me. Once I saw everything Apple is closed system proprietary and overpriced junk, I lost interest. My sister wants to give me a brand new Apple, and I said with that money I can build a jamming PC… and have money left over.

  5. I have never used an Apple product, so i might sound biased but i am not. Apple is kinda douchey with many of their policies, for example having their own charger instead of the one EVERYONE else is using, just so people would have to buy it from them. Talk about greedy.

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