iPhone vs Android Why Android is Better


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In this video, I’ll explain why I like Android phones more than Apple iPhones. Don’t get me wrong, iPhones are some of the best phones out there. They’ve been around for a long time, I just feel like they’ve fallen off a bit. As always, I want to see your comments about this in the comments section below.Thanks for watching and for your support!
Some shots in this video were recorded with the LG G3, but 90% of the video was recorded with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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14 thoughts on “iPhone vs Android Why Android is Better

  1. All the samsung users i know tried apple and they didnt regret. Now they only use iphones. What arguments you have you samsung brainwashed kids? BUT SAMSUNG 11 HAS 126999 MB RAM AND A HOGWARDS FORBIDDEN SPELLS SENSOR AND YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR PHONE SHAPE IN SETTINGS AND IT HAS HEADPHONES JACK WHA WHA WHA

  2. The argument of Android Vs IOS has changed in recent years as its not just IOS Vs Android, But Apple Vs Android OEMs. If it was one company over another then the argument could be a Versus argument, but it's no longer the argument as android is amazing now and it's down to manufacturers and their customisation of it that slows it down as its either badly optimised in code or the hardware bogs it down. IOS has the win for being Proprietary to Apple thus well optimised for its hardware, but it's down to Apple Vs Samsung/Huawei/Oppo/OnePlus/Xiaomi ect for the best optimisation as all manufactured have forked version of android with manufacturer specific UI's. Touchwhiz, MIUI , ColourOS, EMUI, Oxygen/Hydrogen OS. Ect. IOS vs Android now can't really be compared as to what is "better" when there are far too many variables. It's should be "Who has the better OS?" be it countless manufacturers use android but all recode it for individual experiences. That's why we had Huawei and LG making nexus phones and HTC making Pixel Phones as the hardware is generic but the vanilla android made the experience special. Even now we have Android One phones that have stock/vanilla android and those compared to pixel phones with the same software will have ultimately different impressions depending on manufacture optimisation.

    Apple still suck though… 😂

  3. Hey dude it’s been a while my phone broke and I just got it fixed also very good video and quality is very good and by any chance can you make a video about the best cheap gaming mouses and keyboards I would definitely watch it thanks

  4. I could type a whole nother essay in your comments as to why iPhones are inferior but I'm gonna try not to and stick to same making points people never really mention:
    The low RAM is BAD, and apps crash all the time! I'm a kinda tech geek so I notice these crashes, but Apple is slick they don't tell you in writing the app crashed, it just closes completely or it restarts and pretends like nothing happened. The typical iPhone buyer will shrug this off and claim their phones are perfect.
    Battery life (on the regular 7) is underwhelming, and without a case the phone will get hot to the touch just using it to watch YouTube on LTE.
    Little personalization options is fair to repeat, again and again, because it's also made so cumbersome to change.
    I got lots more to rant about but I doubt ppl are gonna read this far, if you want to have a discussion with me tho feel free to reply. I may have a little bias but I am fair

  5. Bro don't get an iPhone "just to try it"
    I did that last year and I finally got it sold last week. iPhone 7, thank goodness they hold their value lol which you pointed out as a negative. But I would say this is due to the type of people that buy iPhones, they believe the phone should be expensive 😕
    Stuck with my Galaxy S8 this whole time, but I know it would've been a nightmare had I actually made the iPhone my primary phone and not just something on the side

  6. I’ve had iPhone since the 6+ and it was my first iPhone. I was so stoked to have one. Now I’m just irritated by it. I’m playing to get a new android maybe the end of this year or beginning of next. I don’t care about price as much, I just want something very good. What would you recommend that’s up to date and good, or something coming soon that’s good. Thanks

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