iPhone Xs Max is this iPhone Finally Better than Android?


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Here’s my mini review of the iPhone Xs Max after one week.
Apple iPhone Xs Max Skins: ► http://bit.ly/2IrIwZq

iPhone Xs Videos I talked about:

iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 9 Camera Test Comparison!: https://youtu.be/qUcYq5wSFo8

Why the iPhone XS MAX camera is actually Amazing for video: https://youtu.be/9Nfvl3NLsDc

Hey Siri, Drive My Tesla (How To Use iPhone’s New Shortcuts)!:

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23 thoughts on “iPhone Xs Max is this iPhone Finally Better than Android?

  1. I think Samsung at least is likely paying attention to the whole Shortcuts thing. That is of course right up their alley. It won't be as nice as Apple's implementation, but they'll deliver something. I used to say, as soon as an iPhone gets a stylus, built in like the Note, I'm switching to iPhone. But, now that the prices is becomeing something exclusive, I've probably missed my time to ever own an iPhone. I'm never going to pay that kind of money for a phone and be limited in all the other ways that matter to me. Heaphone jack, sd card, file management, etc.

  2. I have the Note 8, I been with Samsung ever since the s4. Android always gave you "options." And for the money I buy on these phones I would rather have "options."

  3. I went from 7 plus to note 8 and now I’m back on iPhone with the Xs. The main pro for Android is customization in my opinion so if that doesn’t interest you then iPhone will be the superior option since everything is optimized and just works.

  4. Ahh~ what exact aspect ratio is this video? I wish every single video out there pushes the same ratio as you!! So satisfying watching from my Max without showing the notch. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  5. I carry an iPhone and an android. I like my Note 9 more because of the Google Apps. I don't use imessage and Airdrop at all. I use the iphone to show off others.

  6. Very misleading.. it's not about iphone or android.. it's about value for money.. just like for everything else. and when you do the math, this iphone xs or whatever it is named, does very poorly to justify the price tag.. there is simply no good enough reason to spend 30% or 50% or even 130% more than you would if you went with android just to get an iphone…

  7. No headphone jack, no USB C, no finger print scanner, no sd card slot, no third party apps, less variety of phones to choose from, walled garden software. Ya… Iphone's not amazing. Here's the thing people fail to understand when they compare their precious iphones to android. iPhone is a phone brand. Android is a family of phones sold by many companies. Samsung is not the only Android brand on the market, there's also the Pixel, LG, Lenovo, Sony, HTC, hell even Razor sells Androids. Pocophone is a $300 phone which for price to performance, knocks iphone out of the park. (I'm not speaking exclusively to the author of this video) If you're gonna compare iphone to android, at least know what an android is.

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