iPhone XS Max review: From the eyes of an Android user


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If you use Android day-to-day then is there anything to tempt you to the Apple side? Let’s find out.

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48 thoughts on “iPhone XS Max review: From the eyes of an Android user

  1. I would consider a switch, if I would find pixel 3 design boring. I like what Google is doing with pixel's camera and I certainly prefer pixel's pure Android experience over iOS, but Google is definitely lacking behind when it comes to hardware design. I am really bored with my pixel 2xl after using it for almost 10 months. Pixel is very uninspiring in it's design. It doesn't offer premium look or feel, and based on all the pixel 3 leaks it still holds true. iPhone XS is overpriced for sure, and yet I might switch to experience that premium feel.

  2. I think any iPhone review is half baked if you don't talk about the apple ecosystem. I have been an android user for several years (Samsung S3, S4, Note 3, S5, S6, S7, S8, S9+, OnePlus 5T) but have moved to iPhone XS Max not because I rate (upcoming) Pixel 3XL or Note 9 (that my wife has) less but because over years I have transitioned to using more Mac devices (one for work and one for photo editing) and iPad Pro and simply changing to an iPhone (be it 8 Plus, X, XS or XS max) makes the whole digital experience complete. Features like Handoff, shortcuts app, AirPlay, AirDrop etc. make it worth the transition. With Shortcuts Apple made a good choice to make Siri more useful as it can never compete with the mighty Google Assistant. Also the fact that even after switching to iOS I can still access all Google goodies that I used to enjoy on my android phones like Google Maps (even with Apple CarPlay), Google Voice, Google Keep, Google Drive etc.

  3. Personally, I love the iPhone purely for its ease of use as I have really moved away from modding the OS and adding personal touches. I just want a phone that does the basics I need and does it well. This mainly includes social media, YouTube, and general phone tasks and the iPhone does this flawlessly. I also love it because of the integration with my Mac, iPad, AirPods and Apple Watch as everything just works together without the extra hassle. Have been back and forth between Samsung, lg, nexus, and Apple, and I just find myself coming back to the iPhone each time

  4. Lol I'm not sponsored, but the TMobile jump plan had let me try a bit of everything and switch once a month. That being said, I've had 2 Galaxy s9's. I feel like I've gotten really unlucky with both of them because they both heat up and throttle themselves to the point of rebooting. Like literally just happened yesterday. I've been primarily android for the 3 years I've had smartphones and have had only Samsung. Galaxy note 5 to Galaxy s9. But for a gag I had went and tried the iPhone 8plus. Now I was the person to resent iPhone and everything it stood for. But it was an experience that left me torn, so torn I had two of them as well. (I had iPhone to s9, to iPhone, back to s9. Which im currently typing on). To be brief, I have an iPhone Xs Max coming in the mail. I don't think I'm gonna look back once it hits my doorstep either. For Android to be a place where you can do anything you can think of, in my personal experience with it, it can barely handle having the YouTube picture in picture open while checking emails. So if I can't do that, what's the point of even having the os in the first place as compared to iOS which, is more developed for 9/10. I will miss the tiny little weird apps on Android 😂 but I think the "maturity” of iOS. Is one I'll be sticking with for a little while. And I have to😂 I dropped $410 down for that damn phablet.
    BTW, if you liked this little story and think I should start a YouTube please let me know.
    Have a good one, and at the end of the day, USE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

  5. Can’t reach the top to pull down the control center? There is a reachability in setting. Meanwhile how do you reach the control center on android phones? I also wonder what was the longest period you owned an android phone before switching to a new phone? Is S9 and note 9 having the same outlook as s8 and note 8?

  6. No expandable memory or Hi Fi head phone jack. No always on display, can't shoot in photos in RAW or shoot Video in LOG format, No wide angle camera and you can't record audio at a loud concert due to having one microphone instead of 3….. No Thanks I will be sticking with the LG V40.

  7. You are not gonna be a movie star surrounded by beautiful people with an android. Android means a robot…a nerd. All movies have the cute apple symbol. Signed, GL, MIT mechanical engineer, MIT Sloan MBA. Marketing genius, google “time magazine apple must”, Cortland is my forum name. A trillion dollar idea with no one agreeing with me. You’re welcome, apple.

  8. Well I’m fine with arguments about iPhone vs any other android. But google….. Yea quite funny. Good try google. I remember the good old days when people knew the definition of a phone and a browser. Google was made to be google. End of story.

  9. I just recently switched from Android to iOS and still have mixed feelings about the whole experience. What I miss in iOS is an App drawer to have a clean home screen. What drove me mad in Google calendar was that it would always choose a color for you for every other than Gmail account you added. Samsung gave you a way to change it, and so does iOS. I am still on the fence, but the iPhone XS max is a great phone.

  10. They have more than 2K panel… FHD = 2K.. (or 1,9K to be exact).
    "Sometimes QHD or WQHD is referred to as 2K, with the idea that it's only half the 4K HD resolution found on high end TV sets. But the 2K name comes from the larger of the pixel measurements being aprox 2,000 pixels. Technically, the resolution standard for 2K is 2,048×1,080, meaning QHD is actually much better in resolution. QHD could even be referred to as 2.5K, but some people resists in calling these displays 2K…"

  11. From a power user standpoint, iPhone just doesn't cut it. No matter how good face ID is, iOS it's not efficient nor flexible at all. People should try a good Android (pixel 2xl, Samsung s9 plus or Note 9, OnePlus). Having one of these, and then holding an iPhone is like having a pen and go back to write with a chisel and hammer.

  12. Well I've always loved Samsung till they started taking away memory on the 5 and 6 and I gave it one more chance with the note 7 and I had to return it cuz of fire dangers. I finally made the switch to iPhone as asurion offered me a free iPhone,7 plus 256 as my note 4 that I dug out of closet to use again. I've thought about switching back but now,9 out of 10 people are telling me their Google has been hacked!!! And credit cards have been compromised. I'm surprised this hasn't hit the news yet against Google and its security. My point, I cannot trust android at this point!!!

  13. The only thing I don’t like about I/O’s is that it does not allow third party apps to run in the background. Like I backup my photos using google photos and OneDrive and on android the backup process starts as soon as the picture is taken even if the app is not open. But on I/O’s the app has to be open for it to make a backup which is a huge pain. This is the only reason holding me on android.

  14. Decent review but I honestly couldn’t wait to get rid of the fingerprint scanner. Love the face scanner and love my iPhoneX. So glad I went forward with technology! I’ll never switch to an Android.

  15. I disagree with your comment about FaceID. Surely, when you use your phone, you’ll want to look at it. Therefore, your face should be the best unlock function, ever. Just think, you don’t have to worry about drying your hands before attempting to press the fingerprint identification button (eg TouchID) or remember which finger(s) you registered in the first place.

    A number of Android manufacturers are racing to implement under-display fingerprint recognition. This will never become a thing.

  16. Good video; the best videos are from users who are fairly objective. You've made it clear how you prefer using the Note 9 whilst giving credit to the iPhone XS Max. I went from an X to an XS Maxx purely down to then screen size and the internal memory capacity. I did have a play around with the Note 9 and, while it is the best android currently available, I own an Apple Watch, an iPad and a Mac so it made sense to stay with Apple.

    Keep up the good work posting!

  17. I really like the new iphone. The only reason I haven't switched is because I really love the fingerprint scanner. I wish apple offered as a backup. I just don't like face I'd. I have the note 9 but miss some of the features of iphone especially iMessage.

  18. Currently have a max and was wanting to switch to note 9 only thing that holds me back is the lack of updates compared to Apple. The problem with Android is you have one OS with several manufacturers that add their bloatware to it(minus Some). It's sad when the essential phone receives an update before a note 9 IMO. Not a isheep in anyway just my observation.

  19. 9to5 Google 😂😂😂 I really have fun when people talk about resolution… When there is no difference what so ever when I change resolution on my Friend's galaxy s7. Like… Nothing changes at all

  20. Having owned a number of Android devices (mostly good experiences), I must say iOS has an overall smooth user interface – more fluid than anything I have seen on Samsung, LG and Nexus devices in the past. After many years on Android, I bought the iPhone 7 and then upgraded to the X. I haven’t decided whether it’s worth going to the XS although I’m on the Apple upgrade program so for me it would be just trading my old phone in for a new one and continuing to pay the same monthly price. One thing I do miss from Android is the fact that incoming phone calls don’t interrupt whatever you’re currently doing. They just show up as a bar on top of the screen. This way, your video or browsing experience isn’t interrupted by an incoming call stopping everything and taking up the entire screen. It’s one iOS trait that drives me crazy. These are media consumption devices. Everything should work smoothly around your browsing & viewing activities. I wish Apple would borrow a page from the Android playbook and stop making incoming calls (including FaceTime) calls so intrusive

  21. Used to be an android head until apple made the plus phone and it was over. I still like Samsung but I’m an adult no disrespect to anyone but I don’t customize my phones or root them and all that stuff. I want a phone out the box ready to go. All the extras that people don’t use I no longer need. That’s just me personally.

  22. Apple are better at updating the software in a uniform way, but the question is , would I swap my note9 with the I phone xs max ,or any other I phone ?not a chance ,I love the note 9 and for me it is the most complete all round phone you can buy with very good battery life. Note 10 will probably persuade me to let the note 9 go.

  23. Always looking to switch to apple but my note 9 just has everything I can really complain or find ANYTHING I really want from apple, people say "I can't live without iMessage" but honestly it's nothing special, just a messaging app for apple that lets you know if something read or not IMO like..really? If android came out with a messaging app strictly for android they would have an excuse to go android ..anyways just my thoughts happy tech-ing y'all!

  24. if apps are more polished for android/google they don't need to add multiple chating services only one great service they can made igoogle or iandroid just like imessage and continuity between google products just like apple has then android will be even more great and just superb hardware and little more customization in stock android just like oneplus does than no oem can't beat google i think everyone agrees with me on this one ! @9to5Google

  25. So wait… you disabled Face ID so instead of just swiping up, now you’ve gotta swipe up AND enter a pin? It’s honestly the smoothest and most fluid way to unlock any phone… Face ID on the XS models is phenomenal.

  26. IPhone X and OnePlus 6 owner:

    Ones you get pass the boring home screen and extremely high price. You'll find your iPhones, iPads, and Macbook last you a extremely long time. And there so many iOS apps not available on Android. Plus when there is an app available on both iOS and Android. The iOS version is 1000x better. I don't know why that is but it's true.

    My mid 2012 none Retina MBP, iPad Air 2, and iPhone 6s Plus still
    work like new. Software Updates for days.

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