Is Java Worth Learning In 2018 and 2019?


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28 thoughts on “Is Java Worth Learning In 2018 and 2019?

  1. what the crazy part is that. over 50k jobs were listed at over 90k/year. there is definetly serious money in their. so don't know why people hate on java. money and jobs are there.

  2. Your videos are always blunt and genuine, so curious as things are moving more and more in js (don't want this to sound like a what is the best tech annoying question), but what do you feel yields the most valued time invested, building more projects in laravel and utilizing vue/apis when needed or sticking with something like mean stack.

    My background is mostly mean stack and php so I always fight myself on which framework/language i should build projects one because obviously i have to maintain it once it is live. Then once I build in one my mind says wait this language is better, no wait this one is, you get the point

  3. Did java in college for 4 years, not once did I ever have to use it. Java might be useful in some industry applications but I don't think its worth learning unless you actually need it.

  4. Personally I think it is pretty interesting what will happen to java popularity in the future. There are 2 intresting things I hoped you comment on. 1. Google lost a lot of money and 2. As of 2019 java 8 will no longer be free for commercial use, I ve made a little research on the topic and it seems like the adoptation of java over 8 is close to zero. I know you can say they gonna migrete but I am not sure if it will be that simple ;). Especially in big financial institutions.

  5. The indeed and other reports can be misleading. There are many jobs that have nothing to do with sd that list python scripting or just throw something like HTML, css or python. The job itself would be manual data entry of some sort.

  6. Here in my city in europe I can search by keywords showing up in the job descriptions and here's how many hits I get: java 251, javascript 192, python 159, c# 124, c/c++ 118, php 49, perl 20, ruby 18. edit: some more keywords – .net 154, aws 89, azure 85, oracle 49.

  7. Hi, i want to build a stand-alone app that runs on specific devices, It will be as a hotel reservation system. Which language will be better for doing this app? and which database should I use? Thank you so much.

  8. I get why people like java and feel it is worth learning personally java feels like trying to build a house with sharp rocks when you have access to power tools. I learned it cause it was what everyone recommended I learn but I just don't really like it

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