[Java 101] Episode 4: Boolean Logic


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This episode teaches the basics of boolean logic: if statements, else if statements, and else statements.

Source: http://pastebin.com/sqdrMpyH

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  1. TIP: If you guys are fed up of typing 'System.out.println("THING");' again and again then you can simply make a method like this:

    private static void say(String msg){

    What we have done there is: We created a method named say which is a static void which is private. We have declared say as a String msg. We have put in System.out.println(msg)! msg was declared as a string so now whenever we want to print something int he console we do this: 'say("YOUR MESSAGE!");' rather typing it again and again. If this helped you then please subscribe me on youtube! 🙂

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