Java Development on Linux, easy beginner tutorial


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If your tooltips, calltips, keyword highlighting and completion aren’t working, please see my other video about SciTE setup. Many GNU/Linux distros are getting it wrong

“My neighbors are taking Java classes soon and so am I. they all use Windows but they asked me if it was possible to set up Fedora for Java development. My class starts next week and since Fedora is my favorite operating system,…

5 thoughts on “Java Development on Linux, easy beginner tutorial

  1. Fuck off all you guys, who say linux is from ass! Many critics have said: "linux is 3 times easier than windows. It only can't run windows programs without emulator like Wine " and i think terminal is hard thing for beginners + ubuntus linux has been proven to be 2 times faster than windows 7. Im not saying windows is from ass, but linux isn't.

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