Java Essentials – Advantages of java over C++


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Java Essentials – Advantages of java over C++
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Lecture By: Mr. Arnab Chakraborty, Tutorials Point India Private Limited

1 thought on “Java Essentials – Advantages of java over C++

  1. 0:44 Java has different versions too. Java 6, Java 7, Java 10, etc. You mention Turbo C++ and Visual C++, these are compilers. If you stick to standard C++ the program should work in any standard conformant compiler such as GCC, Clang, Visual C++, and so on. This excludes Turbo C++ because it's old and outdated. I don't see why anyone would use it.

    1:04 The first three points (no pointers, virtual machine, garbage collection) has both advantages and disadvantages. You cannot argue that Java is better based on these facts without knowing what kind of application the user want to write.

    3:08 This is a bit misleading. Local function variables are automatically destroyed when they go out of scope. Memory leaks are mainly a problem when you create objects with new (which you do much less often in C++ compared to Java) but there are programming techniques to handle this.

    3:46 Standard C++ has had threads since C++11. You could use threads in C++ before that but then you had to use a library which was often not cross-platform.

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